Image of Seniors

{{Senior Mini $150+tax}}
$150+tax due the day of booking

Sometimes seniors want to keep it simple. That is what this session is all about.
We will have you all done in about 30 minutes.
-1 outfit/1 location
Session Start Time - 1 hour before sunset

{{Seniors $300}}
$150+tax non-refundable retainer due to reserve your session
$150+tax balance due the day of session

-up to 2 Hour of session time
-Unlimited Outfits
-2 Locations
Session Start Time - 2 hours before sunset
*Times may vary 15 minutes due to weather
+Choice of 20 photos to be put in a 3.5"x2.75" book
+High resolution digital gallery
+Printing Rights

**Flexible payment plans available**

**Wanting to add on a 2nd session? Maybe another Season?
|||Additional $150+tax , with images back Digitally|||

****When booking a senior session, you will also receive a complimentary Cap & Gown mini as well!

Professional Printing available & Print Packages